Social Media

We are living in an age where we are swamped by social media.

“Everyone a person needs has long been on messengers. It’s pointless and time-consuming to maintain increasingly obsolete friend lists on public networks. Reading other people’s news is brain clutter. To clear out room for the new, one shouldn’t fear getting rid of old baggage.” Pavel Durov

After years of excess on social media, more users know better what aspects of it they value – such as being able to loosely keep in touch with people – and which aspects are mostly destructive but persistent habits.

I find it useful to be connected loosely to numerous friends on Facebook, but following the notifications can be daunting and distracting. I was part of the MySpace exodus, when it became clear that most of my friends were on Facebook. I feel I spend too much of my time on Facebook as I am in numerous groups related to various interests. I don’t have friend culls and will only block someone if they are really obnoxious or begging for money. I don’t play candy crush but will sometimes play Pool Online.

Aside from Facebook, I have a channel on Youtube, I would like to look into vlogging more seriously, I have been uploading some simple videos using my Huawei smartphone and an amateur video edit app.

My YouTube Channel

Twitter, I use to follow more than to tweet. I follow funny people like Ricky Gervais and Dom Joly, I have no interest in following politicians like Trump and Obama. I also follow my football team, Leyton Orient and I will use Twitter to promote this and other blogs.

Pinterest, I use for my hobby of collecting diecast cars, sharing and looking at photos of diecast cars.

Instagram, I’ve been using for sharing Prisma images and seeing what others are sharing.

Reddit I mainly post on the Sakartvelo (Georgia) and Diecast subreddits.

Linkedin, I don’t know why I joined this, I’m not into career networking.

Google + I tried it for a couple of months, but my interest soon waned.

It seems the more we are connected, the less we are connected.

no smartphone, no
no smartphone, no comment

I also use email, I have email with yahoo and hotmail.

What social media do you use and why?






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