Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

In Tbilisi, one of the first things a visitor usually experiences is the crazy driving, pedestrians aren’t really safe even on pedestrian crossings, as not all cars will stop.

crossing the road
Are you feeling lucky, pedestrians?
this is the crossing near Dry Bridge Market

The crossing is marked in red to hide the blood.

crossing by Drybridge Market
BMWs in particular rarely stop…

Traffic was one of the negative factors I listed in my review of living in Georgia: Eight years in Georgia: The Good, the Bad and the მახინჯი

In England, cars are more likely to stop to allow pedestrians to cross. Here is an older photo of me crossing the road in London with my wife on the famous Abbey Road Crossing.

Abbey Road Pedestrian Crossing: notice the car stopped to allow us to cross safely

For other interpretations of the theme: Pedestrian (click here).


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

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