New Cycle Route, Pekini Street

A new cycle route has been marked out along Pekini Street, one of the major shopping streets in Tbilisi. The route runs for around a kilometre.

Looking along I don’t see any bicycles

Cycling is not very common in Tbilisi, the terrain has lots of ups and downs and the traffic is inconsiderate to two wheelers. Cycle posts remain free of cycles, the first two wheeler I saw was a kid with a scooter.

The first and only cyclist I saw, had his route impeded by cars crossing the cycle lane, their drivers seemingly oblivious to the plight of the cyclist.

cyclist has to wait, whilst cars cross his path

I saw some skateboarders and also a woman pushing a buggy but most of the time the cycle route was devoid of traffic.

I wait to see if more cyclists use the route in the coming weeks.


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