Book Review : “Breaker”

I have a new phone, I have loaded the Kindle app, I was looking for some free books to download and I found this: “Breaker” by Rob Aspinall.Screenshot_20180524-131131

It is a story of a hitman, Charlie Cobb, in Manchester. We first encounter Charlie dangling a Turkish low life over the side of a multi storey car park by his belt, he is known as “Breaker” for his skills at breaking victims bones. The main story revolves around  a hit that goes wrong and the hitman is fleeing the cops and the Russian mafia with the intended victim by his side. There is plenty of action but little in the way of character development, the story feels like a video game, the action is over the top and rather unbelievable. It is novella sized . The characters are lacking depth, Frogger “turns his jaw to the ceiling and lowers a strip of meat into his big, cartoon mouth.

A scene is described: “It’s like that scene in Jurassic Park. When T-Rex is coming and the water in the cup is bouncing.”

The language can be crude at times, maybe the author is attempting some street authenticity as the story is related in the first person: “It’s cold up here, but I’m sweating like Satan’s bollocks.” Charlie has a remarkable knowledge of the city “I know these streets like the inside of my arsehole.” So he is able to evade his pursuers at many a turn. He also has some unbelievable driving skills “I am fucking Jason Bourne.”

This might appeal to the Grand Theft Auto generation but I’d rather return to something with more believable characters like Murakami.

My rating: 2 out of 5

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