The University of YouTube

YouTube isn’t just about Despacito with its 6,310,123,806 views (as of 11 July 2019) or PewDiePie with his 97 million+ subscribers. For many, YouTube is little more than a deluge of poor-quality videos showing the latest internet craze (remember the ice bucket challenge?) or conspiracy theory, some pranks, music videos and video-bloggers of dubious talent, not forgetting the ubiquitous cat videos. But many underestimate the potential of YouTube as an educational tool. From how-to instructional videos to TED talks, YouTube could well be the most important educational tool of our time. On YouTube, I have a playlist of 42 videos I have named “University of YouTube“, these are a selection of videos I find educational. I have learnt a lot from selectively watching YouTube.

University of YouTube blog
YouTube Playlist: first six

There are many TED talks on a range of subjects, the one about how Cambridge Analytica tampered with the Brexit vote makes  for interesting and alarming viewing Facebook’s role in Brexit.

One channel called “The School of Life” has bite sized videos about various philosophers, I have never formally studied philosophy but I find these videos very informative, I even blogged about Heidegger and Cemeteries,  after watching the School of Life clip about Heidegger.

“The most interesting communities of learners that are growing up on the internet right now are on YouTube.” John Green

Why Learning is Awesome (John Green)

The YouTube page can resemble a classroom where you can learn almost any subject from physics ,maths, international history or just about anything.

My wife has started decorating bottles, following instructional videos on YouTube.

Khato’s new hobby

If I am looking for cooking inspiration, I go to YouTube; Laura Vitale, a garrulous Italian-American hosts one of  my favourite cooking channels: Laura in the Kitchen.

With the advent of the internet and YouTube. The access to learning tools is unlimited. In this age of always wanting more there is no reason to have to pay for a course on building a computer or making a solar battery changer, how to cook a French meal or speak a new language. You can travel to a far away land or learn a skill in a few short videos.

There is a vast catalogue of content about almost every subject or topic you can think of. YouTube is the second most viewed site on the Internet after its parent company Google.

Here are a few of my favourite educational YouTube clips:

Humans Need not Apply by CGP Grey, a 15 minute look at how automation will impact our lives and jobs in the very near future.
History of the English Language the first of six videos chronicling the history of the English Language presented by Melvyn Bragg
The Invention of Blue a fascinating VSauce video looking at the colour blue throughout history
A Guide to Lego Stop Motion a video showing how to make stop motion animation films with Lego by Brickfilms

Let me know yours….

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