Le droit de ne pas finir un livre.

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Daniel Pennac the French writer and teacher, wrote a short non-fiction book, originally published in French in 1992 “Comme un Roman” (The English title was “The Rights of the Reader“). It’s a wonderfully economical and witty exploration of why we read and why we don’t.

Pennac describes how young children are introduced to the magic of reading. Then he examines how they’re put off usually at school, when they are asked questions about what they are reading and reading becomes a dreary chore.

In the book Pennac lays down the 10 rights of the reader (droits du lecteur).

  1. Le droit de ne pas lire.      The right not to read.
  2. Le droit de sauter des pages.    The right to skip pages.
  3. Le droit de ne pas finir un livre. The right to not finish a book.
  4. Le droit de relire. The right to reread.
  5. Le droit…

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