I was never very good at art in school, after the first year of secondary school, I dropped art to take up German (which, I also dropped a year later). As a child, I would often draw two dimensional cars from my own imagination but the drawings were not great.

In the late nineties my first wife became ill, I had to drop my work to care for her, in some of my free time I had a go at drawing a comic strip to pass the time. The strip I called Betty Zapat and Yorrick the name was an anglicized version of the French “Betises à Pattes” (which meant a silly thing with paws). Later in England I drew a comic strip called Leyton’s O, which was published in a football fanzine the Leyton Orientear. 

ana drawing
My granddaughter Ana drawing from a YouTube video

Over the years, I have tried various art projects, now with grandchildren, I try to encourage them to draw and paint. In these times of the COVID 19 pandemic, I have been trying to draw something every day as part of my routine and hopefully, improve my skills. I have been copying the illustrations of a cherished book from childhood: The Ladybird Book of Motor Cars

The first cars I copied weren’t good, but I have improved a little.

Ladybird Book of Motor Cars drawing
the first six cars

I tend to copy pictures or photos or clips on YouTube. I rarely draw from real life or from pure imagination.

This picture I drew entitled “The Sultans of Swing” was copied from a photo I took some years ago of some teenagers practising their parkour skills.

Drawing The Sultans of Swing

parcour mziuri
parkour in Mziuri Park

I don’t have any special high quality pencils, they are the same as the grandchildren use for their drawings, I don’t even have a full set of colours, I’m missing red for example. I am trying to make the best of the COVID-19 lockdown to develop my skills.

What are you doing with your COVID lockdown time?

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