Book Review : “Toys” by James Patterson and Neil McMahon

Toys by patterson
Toys by James Patterson and Neil McMahon with added Jaguar XJ220s (Hot Wheels)

“Toys might seem like harmless fun to you, as they do to most people, but they can be sinister and very dangerous. I’m not exaggerating for effect. These toys are not what they seem.”

This novel is set in a future where a new kind of technologically advanced human has emerged, the Elite. These Elites have super-human strength and powerful intelligence and have pushed ordinary humans to the margins of society.  Into this story we meet Hays, an elite and top operative in the Agency for Change, an entity engaged in eliminating human “terrorists”. By an odd twist of events Hays finds himself as a fugitive fighting the elites to save humans from annihilation. The action is like that of a comic book, Hays is like some kind of Marvel superhero, capable of running at 60 miles per hour and fighting like a veteran of The Matrix movie.

“I dove sideways to the neighboring balcony, twenty yards away, caught its lower rim, and swung myself down to the floor below.
The searchlights followed, and then bursts of laser fire hissed around me.”

This was very different to other James Patterson books I’ve read, like those featuring Alex Cross, (Along Came a Spider), those books I found enthralling page turners, with this I was disappointed. James Patterson is a very prolific author, many of his books are co-authored, I don’t know how much of this is Patterson and how much Neil McMahon. I picked this up for the title, the author and the illustration of the Jaguar XJ220 on the cover. There is no XJ220 in the book (there is a Mazda RX74, that can fly and go underwater…it is 2061), the XJ220 is an incredible supercar, back in the early 90s it was the fastest production car in the world (Jay Leno drives an XJ220). There is precious little character development, little suspense and not much science fiction to marvel at.


My rating 2.5 out of 5

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