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One of the Facebook Groups I am more actively involved in goes by the name of “Autoshite!”


A question was asked in the group. “What’s the base definition of shite?

One of the site administrators, Jim Welch replied, “Shite is subjective. Was it mainstream, loved, revered, dreamt about, posters on walls? Then it’s not shite. Shite is the underdog. The laughed at, the ridiculed, the beige, the entry model that has almost disappeared. We see RS2000s, but where are all the 1100L models? Sierra XR and Cosworth models by the ton. How many manual window, grey bumper, Diamond White Sapphires remain? That sort of thing. Nobody ever dreamt of a base model. That’s because they weren’t desirable. They existed only to make the range look cheap to buy. FSO, Yugo, Moskvich. Skoda RWD, certain Maestro models, etc. One offs, kit cars, home built specials… (remember the DS…

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My Most Popular Blogposts

I currently have three blogs : this one, one related to diecast car collecting and one detailing my travails with the Georgian language.

Blog #2

On this blog my most popular posts are the ones I put out in September each year,  looking at the positive and negative aspects of my life in Georgia. This started after six years in Georgia and the last related to A Decade of Living in Georgia: the Good and the Bad…. This has almost as many views than the other posts combined.

Blog 2 most viewed posts
most viewed posts on Blog #2

Diecast Car Collector

On my diecast collecting blog, my most viewed blogpost is Reflections on why I collect Diecast Cars. This is a reflective piece on what motivates my collecting, it has had 335 views to date.

Shelves (6)
some of my diecast collection

Reluctant Georgian Learner

In this blog, the most viewed post is The Georgian language one of the four hardest languages to learn for a foreigner? This has had an extraordinary 1622 views to date, it seems to have hit a chord with others who find the language extremely difficult.




Blog Post Ideas

On my phone, I will note down ideas I get for blog-posts, as I ride the metro or wait for a bus, the list is getting longer.

screenshot of blog ideas

Some of the ideas are for this blog and some for my diecast collecting blog. The order is the order I came up with the idea, earliest first. I don’t know how many will be written, I have started a post about work inspired by the second chapter of “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by Yuval Noah Harari .