I don’t watch television at least not directly but I have taken to watching some TV programmes and series on my computer.

I started by watching BBC shows like “QI” and “The Graham Norton Show” on Youtube.

Screenshot from 2017-12-22 18:27:06
Graham Norton Show

Then I watched “Dr Who” on

dr who cowboy
Dr Who on

More recently I’ve been binge watching American TV series on Comedies like “Big Bang Theory” and “30 Rock”.

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) in Big bang Theory

With my wife I have been watching the historic series “Vikings” and more contemporary fare like “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men”. I haven’t yet ventured into “Game of Thrones” or “The Wire” both of which have been highly recommended to me.

Mad Men
Mad Men
breaking bad walter
Walter (Bryan Cranston) in Breaking Bad

I have no profound insights about my changing TV habits.